Recent Developments scores EP 95/100! 

 The soon to be released EP was recently reviewed by You can read about the article here  The band is very greatful for such a high rating for their first public offering.  Currently APR is working to finish up 7 more songs to roll into a full length CD. 

Request your own copy of our promotional EP now! 

 Hey Everyone! We are going to start setting up for purchase of the limited release of our EP very soon. If you are interested in acquiring a copy, send an email to and put the country you reside in as the subject line. This will help us sort for getting shipping costs. Please include your name and address where you would like to receive the CD. Thanks and we look forward to getting a hard copy to you very soon!

APR EP Hits the air waves this weekend 

 The band recently made the decision to release 6 of their songs as an EP for promotional hard copy, due to request coming from promoters and other industry personell.  Since the official preview online, radio stations, both FM and internet broadcast have sampled the material and requested copies for immediate scheduling into shows and rotation.  The first airing will happen this evening, March 29th, 2013 at 8:00pm Eastern Time, 21:00 Argentina time on Argentina's FM 98.9 Espectro rock radio.  The station also broadcasts via internet at  There will be a rebroadcast the following day, Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern time.

First Official Video Released 

 We are proud to announce the release of our first official video.  It was shot on location during Dana Burnell's drum recording session by our partner, George Dukinas of Amber Studios located in Cape Coral, Florida. We'd like to thank George for all his efforts, and time in putting this production together.  We plan to shoot a feature music video with him in the near future.  

First Acoustic Drum Tracks Captured 

 This past weekend, Dana and TJ got together to start recording Dana's drum parts on his acoustic kit.  Considering the size of the kit and some of the challenges they faced technically, the tracks came out quite nice.  Setup was Friday afternoon and tracking ran the full day Saturday into the late evening. The space used to record was a small church (Table of Grace) in Bonita Springs, Florida, about 2 miles from TJ's home. The drums were tracked through a Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 and Studio One host was running for the capture. The tracks were later bounced out of the Studio One and imported into the current Pro Tools sessions for the songs.  Five songs were tracked: Away Wtih You, Rome In Tears, Destination, Carry On, and Sandstorm. George Dukinas, owner and operator of Amber Studios dropped by to shoot some footage around dinner time on Saturday. The video will be released in the next few days with some drum tracks and interviews with Dana and TJ. 

Dana Burnell's Studio session update 

This past month, Dana spent more time in the studio with TJ working on more tracks for the upcoming album. "I am not only pleased with Dana's playing, but his approach to composition of his parts is exactly what I would envision for each song", said TJ in passing conversation. Some of the accomplishments for the November session include drum tracks for Destination and Carry On to replace the programmed tracks, and grooves and structures for 2 new songs with basic arrangements. The entire APR crew will be working diligently through the month of December and January to try and finish up the remaining songs and prepare to send off for mastering.

Jessica returns to the US 

  After a 1 month say and 2 pre-release shows in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Jessica will return home today to Southwest Florida. “It was wonderful to meet so many new people, see the culture, and experience it first hand.”

Jessica's rest will be short, as the trip was very inspirational on many levels including music and she is eager to return to the studio and continue to finish vocals for the remaining songs for the band's debut release.

Official Announcement - Dana Burnell (Crimson Glory) Joins A Persuasive Reason 

Dana Burnell of Crimson Glory and A Persuasive Reason It is with great honor that we are proud to announce Dana Burnell, drummer for the progressive rock band Crimson Glory has officially joined A Persuasive Reason to complete the lineup. Dana will be continuing his role in CG, and take on APR as a second project. After spending some time with Dana this past weekend, I am very glad to say that I believe his skillset and approach to his instrument will drive us to a whole new level with our compositions.  Dana and I seem to have a similar approach to the groove and feel for the songs. Therefore, I am looking forward with great anticipation to what the near future brings as we move through tracking drums on the current songs and those in progress.

Because of this latest development, we have decided to remove our current music files from the various sites we have them posted on. We feel that they will not be a fair representation to what APR will sound like as we get Dana integrated.  Check back with us often as we will be posting various soundclips, samples, etc., as we move through the year.

With Dana's current tour schedule with CG, we have pushed the release date for our debut album 'Spire' to sometime toward the end of the year.  We will keep you up to date as this new relationship develops and any other significant events as they arise.



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